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How to Work While Traveling?

How to Work While Traveling?

Do you want to travel, to go to the end of the world, to take road trips, and you cannot stop and you do not want to work? So how do you make a living and travel at the same time? Tips that will allow you to work while traveling and discover some trades.

What jobs to work and travel to at the same time?

Journalist, diplomat, salesperson. Many professions are known for their international dimension and allow you to work abroad. However, they do not necessarily offer the freedom to go where you want and organize yourself as you want once there.

Some professional activities offer the possibility of combining incredible travel and work.

Here are some jobs and lifestyles that make you dream or that simply allow you to travel while working:

Digital Nomad

The term “Digital Nomad” refers to a lifestyle adopted by professionals who travel and work at the same time, thanks to their laptop and a good internet connection.

Following the development of the internet all over the world, more and more professionals from various web professions are choosing to be Digital Nomads: Developers, Web Editors, Web-Marketers, Web designers, Professional Bloggers. Adopt this way of working there allows you to be free to travel, to work without being tied to a specific geographical location, and to live a life of adventures.

Although internetwork is one of the best ways to travel and work as a freelance, earning money and living decently as a Digital Nomad is not always easy. To lead this nomadic life, the Digital Nomad must sometimes redouble their efforts and invest themselves on a daily basis to develop their activity and travel around the world.

Tourism professions

The authors of tourist guides, for example, are nomads. They travel to collect reliable information and write their tourist guides so that they are as relevant as possible. When traveling, they are free to travel where and when they wish, always keeping the main objective of studying the tourist attractions of a destination.

Before going to a foreign country, the author of a guide must first of all document himself and carry out research in a sedentary manner. Thus, travel is a part of the job, we must not neglect all the work to be done before going on an adventure and working on the spot.

Linguistic professions

  • Translator

The profession of a translator, in all its forms, is accessible to people who master one or more foreign languages. This profession can be exercised in different environments and foreign countries. If he chooses the freelance status, the translator gets organized and manages his time in his own way. This way of working allows him to have time to travel and discover the destinations where he can also offer his services.

  • Distance learning of a foreign language

People passionate about teaching foreign languages can apply to specialized organizations to teach and supervise distance language training, online. There are many web platforms on which it is possible to access foreign language courses at a distance. Behind these specialized websites, there are people who are responsible for giving these courses. This job allows you to practice anywhere in the world from the moment the one who exercises it gets organized to be able to carry out its missions on the internet.

Seasonal trades

  • Catering / Hotel

Cook, waiter, bartender, host this of reception… everywhere in the world, these jobs are requested by travelers of globetrotters type and by those who wish to work and travel outside their country of origin.

  • Leisure and artistic

Artistic professions (actors, photographers, musicians, etc.) and leisure professions such as sports instructors or children’s entertainers also make it possible to work while traveling. Holiday clubs in high seasons, for example, call on these professionals to meet the demands of their customers.

Other possibilities

Other ways are good for traveling and working at the same time.

  • Go alive

Today, some companies offer gap year programs to their employees, in particular, the Volontariat International an Enterprise (VIE) program. Thus, in various sectors of activity, they give their employees the opportunity to work while traveling while retaining their position in the company.

  • Go on a WHV

The Work Holiday Permit (also called Working Holiday Visa) is a device that offers all young people (and other European nationalities) the possibility of expatriation for a year or more to discover a foreign country, both culturally and professionally, thanks to simplified visa issuance.

The WHV allows you to travel, obviously but also gives you the right to work in order to be able to meet your needs while discovering a destination.

  • Go for an au pair stay

As part of au pair stays, some candidates integrate families abroad. In exchange for working hours within the family (childcare, homework, etc.), the au pair is fed, housed, and paid a salary.

This is a real cultural exchange that allows you to travel while familiarizing yourself with the ways of life in a foreign country.

How to Work While Traveling? How to organize?

Leaving and finding a job abroad cannot be improvised, nor can you travel around the world. Before booking your plane ticket, take the time to organize your departure without losing sight of the fact that this is not a departure on a permanent vacation, but an adventure where you will be working while traveling.

Choose your destination and prepare your project

Depending on the destination, doing certain jobs is more or less possible. For web professionals, for example, it is necessary to ensure that the host country offers a good internet connection. Of all the professions exercised on the site, remember to find out about the skills and training required before submitting your application, they may be different from those in your country of origin.



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